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Mar 10, 2020

Put everything on hold and strap yourselves in for yet another incredible, and seriously Canadian episode of So... You're Canadian with Dave Hill. Hosted by Dave Hill. From before. Anyway, this week Dave welcomes Alison Moore, the show's first naturalized Canadian citizen, which seriously blows Dave's mind.

Then, Dave and his producer Chris Gersbeck provide a preview of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, the podcast that will re-join the incredible Maximum Fun Network this Friday, March 13!

So... You're Canadian will no longer release weekly, but will remain an occasional segment on Podcasting Incident. Plus, if we ever trick an amazing Canadian person into chatting about all things Canada, you bet your ass we're doing a special episode with them. Thank you to all who have listened, supported and reviewed this podcast! Please listen to new episodes of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident on Maximum Fun every Friday.

Dave's new book Parking the Moose is out NOW! Buy it here or wherever incredible books are sold.

Tickets for Witch Taint's Record Release show at Mercury Lounge April 7, 2020 are on sale now!

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